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Corel 9 in Red Hat 9
Hi! I don't know much about Linux. The latest version of Red Hat is easy to install. But I don't know how to install other programs.

I need to install Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint 9 in Red Hat. I have a demo version of Corel Draw and a free version of Photopaint, but I don't know how it works. Is not like in Windows (Next -> Next -> Finish....

error in running javacodes on linux(mandrake)??
i'm new to linux.
i've try to run my java source code on linux(mandrake) which i've already install the jdk for it. I got error when i run it. Is there any possiblities where i can run the same code on my windows and can't run on linux? May i know why is this occur??
thanks in advance. ;(

difference between gtk and motif versions of eclipse
Hi, a newbie question what is the difference between
gtk and motif versions of eclipse sdk for linux Redhat?


.dat file
Anybody know what app opens a .dat file?

More Mozilla
Well, I finally got pissed at my old crap mozilla so i decdied time for hte new instaleld to usr/local/, i delete the folder for my old mozilla(1.4.1) which was at like /usr/lib/mozilla and mozilla1.4.1...since if i did uinstall my went with it. I made a new icon for my mozilla, but the prob is when i go to...

totem media player error
:x HI!! I am having a bit of a problem being able to play my DVD's on Totem Media Player... other than that I love Totem, I have been able to play CD's, stream music, etc... but play DVD's. Maybe the following error message from my console will help:

[jdhall@localhost jdhall]$ totem
libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 1-rc0a from...

Setting Up tightvnc server

can anyone give me some brief steps on how to set up tightvnc server?
because everytime i set it up, only the X desktop is shown, so the current desktop is not seen!!!

Thanks and God Bless

DvD Rip Problem
The only thing that makes me ;( about linux is the need of new libs

and when you try to get one lib needs another one and that train aint

stopping till brakes your @@ for good

I wanted to get perl dvd rip to work so i could rip my loved one movies and all i get is lots of cocaine doses just to keep me...

Program Like DU Meter...
Hi! I need a program like Du Meter for window$..TUTAJURL It's a program that displays a graph with the upload and download speed and make daily and monthly reports.
I've searched arround and I can't find it...
if someone can help me... I will appreciate...

French text editors
Im running mandrake 9.1 and i need a french text editor for school. Since i take most of my classes in french i just need basic things like grammar and spell check. I dont need anything high tech, but if anyone has any ideas, that would be super

problems with DivX and Nvidia
Ok, here we go... I read through some posts and figured you people want to help even dumb people like me, so I give it a shot..

I use SuSE 8.2 Prof on an Intel Pentium 1.9 GHz

well first thing:
since I couldn't play AVI videos or DVDs, neither with MPlayer or Kaboodle or xine, I tried to install the newest DivX Bundle.....

Linux and Yahoo messenger.....geez!
I'm using Linux from Lycoris and it's using the KDE desktop....i'm having trouble installing and using yahoo messenger.

I have the following file: rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-i386.rpm

I click the file and it installs, but that's where I'm lost. What should I be doing next? Yea, i'm a sever newbie to linux - just jumping in...

Installing xmms
i downloaded the xmms player, also i did read this TUTAJURL
but i still cant install it, i type same commands like that manual says... need bit help plz. i am using fedora core1

ORACLE 8i under RedHat 8.0
Hello everybody.
I would like to install Oracle 8i under RedHat 8.0, but I don't now yet if this is possible.
Maybe somebody of you did this.
Please tell me if this is possible. Thanks in advance.

SuSE 8.1 Pro & DVD

First i had problems with mplayer which wasnt playing at all and when i decided to get backup and clear my whole system i saw that w/o doing anything else mplayer was playing

Anyway in other words i was using xine and recently i've dealt with ogle too and was playing like a rock but as i said before i needed to clear up...

Installing TCPDUMP on RH9
;( im a complete newbie
Ive downloaded the binary files from the site TUTAJURLhttp://www.tcpdump.orgSRODEKhttp://www.tcpdump.orgURLKUNIEC
and untar the tar balls to a temp directory....from there i have run the ./configure, make and make install on both the libpcap file and the tcpdump file

Now how do i get it to...

Upgrade MDK 9 to 9.1 kde 3.1 problems-anyone help?
Upgraded Mdk 9 to 9.1 and causing problems when i right click on kde desktop>configureesktop>desktop

Actually I have a laptop as my other computer and I installed mdk 9.1 on it instead of upgrading and it works fine! However, in the above menu order it has Multiple Desktops listed where the upgrade version has just...

how to run xmms??????
guys... i am super ultra newbie in linux... and i download a file... and i dont; know how to run it... can any one help...? this is it under

Jeode iPAQ
Hi there,
could someone tell me where can i download Jeode for my iPAQ Pocket PC;Linux OS? Thanks alot...

KDE 3.x.x upgrade on Mandrake 8.2
Well, how can I upgrade my KDE to 3.0.3 for example?

I saw different possibilities, including using a frontend for APT, that requires only a few steps to install and upgrade. Did anyone try it, or has easy ways to do this?

Configuring Sun Java JRE for Netscape/Mozilla
Ok guys, I've tried this every way from Sunday with Red Hat 7.3. I've pointed the Netscape plug-in path to the various 4.0, 6.0 and 6.2 java plug-ins and I've copied the plug-ins to the Netscape plug-in folder after installing the RPM from Sun v.1.4.1 successfully. The plug-ins either don't work or they crash Netscape/Mozilla. Suggestions or solutions...

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